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Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is inBuild?

inBuild is a web-based application that allows you to ingest and process invoices automatically. inBuild operates in three major steps:

1. Automatically capture invoices through an email connection.

2. Invoice details are captured and processed by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition (OCR). Users then send an invoice for review or code the invoice themselves.

3. Once approved invoice costs and details can be utilized to affect live project budgets and easily export pay applications within inBuild. Data can also be sent to other financial applications for reconciliation.

How does inBuild handle sensitive information?

inBuild handles your personal and business information with the utmost care. We aim to follow the modern standards of web data compliance, like GDPR and SOC2.

How long does it take for an invoice to process?

Typically invoices are processed in under 30 seconds. But we urge users to allow 2 minutes for the data to appear for a brand new invoice.

What happens to my emails once they are brought into inBuild?

The original email will remain in your inbox as it was received. We do not delete or process any of our user’s emails beyond importing the original invoice.

Does inBuild read my emails?

No, your privacy is important to us, and the email connection is only used to import any invoices that have been sent automatically. Our platform never reads or stores email data, besides attached documents.

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